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A wide range of cake tins are available here. The Storage Tin seeks out new and innovative cake tin designs alongside the more traditional styles of baking tins for all kinds of cakes, taking into account all shapes, sizes and styles. Have you ever made a Swiss roll only to find you don’t have the right cake tin to keep it in? Well look no further! Our selection of cake tins covers all bases, with sizes suitable for deep cakes, wide flans, long rolls and extra-large muffins or cupcakes. All of our tins are carefully selected to give you the best value for money and you’ll find lots of delightful, durable and dishwasher-safe designs of tins for your special home bakes here!

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Jamie Oliver Vintage Cake Tin 22.5 cm x 12.8 cm Price: £17.99
You Save £4.52
Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Deep Storage Tin Price: £9.99
You Save £1.61
Ulster Weavers Set of 3 Cake or Biscuit Tins with Rooster / Chicken Design Price: £26.99
You Save £3.00
Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen Cake or Biscuit Tin, Set of 3, Cream Price: £20.00
You Save £1.00
Jamie Oliver Stackable Small & Large Cake Tin Set Price: £29.99
You Save £2.00
Joules Cake Tins, Set of 3, Multi-Colour Price: £35.00
You Save £5.05
Emma Ball Deckchair Square Tin Price: £14.99
You Save £2.47
Martin Wiscombe Set of 4 Tin Square Cake Tins Price: £32.00
You Save £2.00
Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Black Cake Tin Price: £23.00
You Save £4.10
Cooksmart Spotted Cake Tins, Set of 3 Price: £10.50
You Save £0.51
Tala Retro Design Round Cake Tins, Set of 3 Price: £12.50
You Save £2.51
Emma Bridgewater Rose Design Round Cake Tins, Set of 3 Price: £36.98
You Save £7.00
Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Design Set of 3 Cake Tins Price: £30.00
You Save £1.35
Premier Housewares Rose Cottage Storage Tins, Set of 3 Price: £17.49
You Save £5.88
Mary Berry Set Of Three Cake Tins Price: £35.00
You Save £0.51
Creative Tops Katie Alice Cottage Flower Shabby Chic Cake and Biscuit Tins, Set of 2 Price: £12.99
You Save £3.05
Living Nostalgia Kitchen Craft Airtight Domed Cake Tin, Cream Price: £22.95
You Save £4.96

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The Storage Tin offers a stylish collection of quality baking products and kitchen storage containers including cake tins, biscuit tins, cooking utensils, baking accessories and lots of brilliant gift ideas. Our aim is to offer the lowest prices for bakeware products on the internet. We also showcase new items for your kitchen, provide insightful product reviews and list unique special offers each week!

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